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3. Evaluation

At Crossroads Speech and Language, we complete comprehensive assessments prior to initiating a therapy program. We evaluate your child’s overall speech and language skills using a combination of parent interview, play-based informal assessment and observation, and formal standardized measures to determine the areas of need.





Speech and language difficulties are often referred together because they relate to communication. Your child may have challenges with both speech and language or just one area. Collaboratively with parents, we create individualized treatment plans and goals that will be the focal point of future therapy sessions.



2. Informal        Assessments

3. formal            Assessments




During the initial interview, parent, teacher, and physician concerns will be discussed. Additionally, we will review medical history, developmental milestones, family history, educational history, and previous assessment reports.




During the informal assessment, we incorporate a variety of toys and books to elicit natural, spontaneous speech and language. We then analyze the speech and language sample to determine if there are any speech and/or language delays.




During the formal assessment, we examine a variety of components in speech and language using evidence-based evaluation materials in order to identify the areas of need. Some areas include: how your child’s expressive and receptive language and speech compares to same age peers with typically developing skills.

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